Yella Horse Designs
Services & Fees

Home                            $200 Domain & Hosting fee (This is an annual fee.) 
About Us                  $200 Set up fee (This is a one time fee for up to 9 pages)
Services & Fees        $150 Picture fee (We will come and take pictures for you)
Contact Us               $50 Page fee for each additional page after 9
Web Album               $35 Video fee (You have to supply us with the video.)
                                   $75 Video fee (We convert and edit your video.)
                                   $150 Video fee (We come and take video footage.
                                   This price also includes editing and converting to 
                                   $100 Maintenance fee per month (This is up to 3 hours
                                    a month any time after the 3 hours is charged at $50 per
                                   $50 Maintenance fee per hour (This is charged in 60 
                                    minute blocks.)